AKD Corline

Owners: David & Belinda Keir

Stable Name: Cormac
Sire: Corland
Dam: AKD Luxurious
Damsire: Lux Z
Foaled: 2011

Big Berry

Owner: Tom March

Stable Name: Berry
Sire: Road To Happiness
Dam: Boney Kelly
Damsire: Dow Jones Courcel
Foaled: 2010

Carnival March

Owners: James Midgley, Susie Wood & Susie Wrighton

Stable Name: Charlie
Sire: Cavalier Carnival
Dam: Ryans Cruise
Damsire: Atlantic Cruise
Foaled: 2011

Carsten of Westoak

Owners: Sir William Aldous & Gillian Aldous, Mrs Ann Tolhurst

Stable Name: Sam
Sire: Classic Juan
Dam: Louise
Damsire: Londonderry
Foaled: 2010

Cooley Monsoon

Owner: Jennifer Saunders

Stable Name: Eddie
Sire: Ramiro B
Dam: Declans Folly
Damsire: Krakatan
Foaled: 2008

Cooley Top Cat

Owner: Jayne McGivern

Stable Name: Tiger
Sire: Creevagh Ferro Ex Siebe
Dam: Sarah Janes Melody
Damsire: Seamanship
Foaled: 2008

Emerald Jonny

Owners: Tom March

Stable Name: Jonny
Sire: Waldo
Dam: Z Royalty Van De Heernis
Damsire: Rubels
Foaled: 2012


Owners: Tom March

Stable Name: Booties
Sire: Vittorio
Dam: Siejanea
Damsire: Clinton
Foaled: 2013

Jump Jet III

Owner: Tom March

Stable Name: JJ
Sire: Captain Clover
Dam: Kilmullen Cruisalier
Damsire: Cavalier Royale
Foaled: 2009

Madame Butterfly IV

Owner: Julia Westmoreland

Stable Name: Ella
Sire: Sir Shutterfly
Dam: Chablis
Damsire: King
Foaled: 2009


Owner: Susie Wood

Stable Name: Ginge
Sire: Ricardo Z
Dam: Princess In Arms
Damsire: Present Arms
Foaled: 2008

Quarrycrest Echo

Owner: Jayne McGivern

Stable Name: Red
Sire: Clover Echo
Dam: Royal China
Damsire: Cavalier Royale
Foaled: 2007

Seapatrick Dark Cruise

Owner: Jayne McGivern

Stable Name: Mickey
Sire: Ard Vdl Douglas
Dam: Misty Cruise
Damsire: Cruising
Foaled: 2004

Templepatrick Cooley

Owner: Jayne McGivern

Stable Name: Juno
Sire: Vivaldo Van Het Costerveld
Dam: Premier Touch Royale
Damsire: Touchdown
Foaled: 2010

Vanir Kamira

Owner: Trevor Dickens

Stable Name: Tilly
Sire: Camiro De Haar Z
Dam: Fair Caledonian
Damsire: Dixi
Foaled: 2005