Chicago II

Piggy French

Piggy FrenchOwner: Sue Crane

Stable Name: Robin
Sire: Acord II
Dam: Hot Chilli
Colour/Sex: Bay/Gelding
Height: 16.1hh
Foaled: 1996
BE Points won: 361

Top results with Piggy:
Lincolnshire OI 2010: 1st (double clear)
Poplar Park OI 2010: 1st (double clear)
Isleham OI 2010: 3rd (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls (3) OI 2009: 1st (double clear)
Great Witchingham (2) ON 2009: 1st (double clear)
Lincolnshire OI 2007: 1st (double clear)
Poplar Park AI 2007: 1st (double clear)
Weston Park (2) CCI2* 2006: 1st (double clear)
Aske (2) OI 2006: 2nd
Thirlestane Castle OI 2006: 1st (double clear)
Catton Park OI 2006: 2nd (double clear)
Sansaw CIC2* 2006: 1st (double clear)
Floors Castle CIC2* 2006: 2nd (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls (1) OI 2006: 3rd (double clear)
Compiegne CIC2* 2006: 9th (double clear)
Lincolnshire OI 2006: 1st (double clear)
Poplar Park OI 2006: 1st (double clear)
Isleham OI 2006: 1st
Little Downham (2) OI 2005: 2nd (double clear)
Knaptoft OI 2005: 3rd
Burgie CCI2* 2005: 9th (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls (1) OI 2005: 1st (double clear)
Osberton CIC2* 2005: 3rd (double clear)
Lincolnshire OI 2005: 4th (double clear)
Great Witchingham (1) IN 2004: 1st (double clear)
Poplar Park IN 2004: 1st (double clear)
Isleham IN 2004: 2nd (double clear)
Burnham Market (2) N 2003: 2nd (double clear)
Knaptoft IN 2003: 3rd (double clear)
Belton Park N 2003: 1st
Great Witchingham (1) N 2003: 1st (double clear)
Poplar Park N 2003: 2nd (double clear)
Isleham N 2003: 2nd (double clear)