Piggy wins Badminton!

After 25 attempts at the top level, Piggy has bagged a major trophy. Vanir Kamira didn’t put a foot out of place at Badminton, and thoroughly deserves to be the 2019 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton champion.

Fourth after dressage on a score of 26.0, she stormed round the cross country, coming home just two seconds over the optimum. Immediately after her round Piggy said: “She’s so game and gutsy. She’s not flashy like some, but give her a Badminton or a Burghley and she comes into her own. I’m a bit annoyed about being two seconds over as I thought I’d got the time, but I’m not going to let that take away from what she’s done.”

By Sunday morning Piggy was in second place, and she piled the pressure on the leader with an immaculate clear show jumping round. When Oliver faulted, the title was hers.

“I’m still numb and find it hard to communicate in words what I’m feeling,” she said afterwards. “I’ve got so used to congratulating everyone else that I can’t quite believe it. And to be fair to Oliver – he’s very hard to get in front of.”

Asked whether she had dreamt of this moment, Piggy said: “When I woke up this morning [Sunday] I thought I might have a chance, but when I walked the course I thought I’d have no chance. I thought it was one of the most difficult showjumping tracks I’ve ridden and although Vanir Kamira is a real trier she’s not naturally talented in this phase. She’s better on a twisty course rather than having to deal with too many related distances.”

Back at Maidwell a mini-mountain of carrots awaited Vanir Kamira’s return.

Piggy & Vanir Kamira © Trevor Holt